The History of Mendez Trucking & Triple R Diesel

The story of Triple R Diesel starts almost 37 years ago when Raul Mendez migrated to this country with little more than the hopes and dreams of any one who comes to this country.

Originally from the city of Piedras Negras, in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, Raul first worked in the fields picking a variety of fruits and vegetables all over the lower valley of South Texas. After living several years in Eagle Pass TX, he moved his family to San Antonio TX. In San Antonio Raul worked as a truck driver, where he wished that one day he would own his own truck, and start his own company. After many years of hard work Raul was just a few steps away of reaching his goal. He sold his personal belongings so he could purchase his very first 18 wheeler, turning his lifelong dream into a reality. This is the beginning of an awaited journey where Raul Mendez Sr. becomes the first employee of Mendez Trucking.

Many years and many hardships passed before Raul could afford a second truck, and then third, and then a fourth, until we arrive to what Mendez Trucking is today. Mendez Trucking has grown by leaps and bounds over the years thanks to the dedication of one man and the family and friends that have believed in him. Today, Mendez Trucking is one of the largest independent contractors in all of Texas, and has become a family business with both sons, Roland and Raul Jr., working hand in hand with their father. The company employs dozens of hard working drivers and has more than 85 trucks in it’s fleet.

Under the Mendez flag many other truckers had the opportunity to work and save to purchase their own tractors to reach great heights.

The amount of success stories off-shooting from this one company is staggering. Raul Mendez is hailed as a hero by many from the Rio Grande to the Midwest and beyond. Traditional songs known as “corridos„ have been written of him, and his story inspires thousands from Mexico, Texas, and Southwest.

To this day, Mendez Trucking continues to be the one place drivers know they can work for a company that will treat them right.

In the year 2003, Mr. Mendez and his family built a service shop where the Mendez philosophy can be extended now to all fellow truck drivers. That is how Triple R Diesel came to be, and now everyone is entitled to respect, honesty prices, the best work, and having a company with integrity service their tractors. The last several years have shown that the same principals that has made Mendez Trucking one of the greatest companies in Texas can also be applied with great success to a service center such as Triple R Diesel.

The story of Mendez Trucking , and Triple R Diesel doesn’t end here or at any time soon. With your support and willingness to be treated right, Triple R Diesel will continue to provide you and your company with the best possible service that you know you deserve. Raul Mendez, his company, and his family serve as a wonderful example of how with hard work, patience, persistence, and faith, anyone can make their greatest dreams come true.

We wish everyone the best, and may God bless you as it has the Mendez Trucking family

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